Direct to Client 

Trutina Pharmacy offers an exclusive service, that will help your small business create new revenue strems. When ordering tape for your clients, you can avoid the costs associated with carrying stock, and have Trutina Pharmacy ship products directly to your clients.

Packaging is always descrete, and no invoice is included, allowing you to bill your clients directly, at a price you set out.

Call in your order directly to Trutina Pharmacy.

Local: (905) 304 - 9300

Toll-Free: 1 (866) 418 - 9303

Provide Trutina with your client's shipping address. 

(all shipping is via Purolator Express)

We prepare and ship your clients order. 

You bill your client directly, creating an opportunity for you to mark-up price on products.

A few things to note:

This option is only available to practitioners that have taken the Equi-Tape course, and only on Equi-Tape Original products. Equi-Tape Advantage products are all excluded from the program. 

The price billed to your account is the practitioner-only price, that can be reviewed online here.

While there is no mandatory price that you bill your clients, the MSRP of $20.00 -$22.00 per roll is common. 

Shipping charges will be applied to orders under $150.00 CAD. 

Shipping Rates are as follows:

Purolator Express (1-2 Business Days)

Within Ontario + Quebec

  • Orders under $100

    • $12.00 Shipping Charge

  • Orders $100-$150

    • $6.00 Shipping Charge

  • Orders $150 +     

    • Free​ Shipping


Outside Ontario/ Quebec

  • Orders under $100

    • $30.00 Shipping Charge

  • Orders $100-$150

    • $15.00 Shipping Charge

  • Orders $150 +     

    • Free​ Shipping



Tel: (905) 304 - 9300 | Fax: (905) 304 - 9340


Tel: 1 (866) 418 - 9303 | Fax: 1 (866) 418 - 9343


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Sat-Sun: Closed

Ontario College of Pharmacists Certificate of Accreditation # 306223 

Manager: N. Luciani BSc, Phm

Contact Ontario College of Pharmacists for licensing and similar inquiries.